• Meet Marianna


    Marianna is a contemporary fiber artist who lives and works in South California. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Marianna emigrated to the USA. In 1987. She began her professional career as a computer engineer and then transitioned to graphic design, working as a graphic designer, web designer, animator, and art director in the entertainment industry. Coming from a long line of women skilled in making clothes, Marianna has always loved art and fashion. She has been working as a fiber artist for the last 5 years, distinguishing herself as a leader in the community. Employing needle-felting techniques on natural linen and cashmere, Marianna creates wearable art pieces that are timeless and at the forefront of fashion. Marianna also makes multi-dimensional sculptures that can be hung from the ceiling, reaching out from the walls, or laying on the ground. Blending textiles with everyday materials, like wire, she makes abstract sculptures that reflect the feminine traditions and of art from the margins of history, specifically from her own Russian culture.
    Marianna often uses her work as a platform to advocate for environmental justice and feminism. Her work uses recycled fabric, advocating for the a principle of thrift that demands responds from rapid industrial development and the culture of wasteful consumption and environmental destruction it generates.

    In the current exhibition, Marianna presents a collection of wearable art and fiber sculptures in 3D and 2D. These works have been made by a mixture of felting, weaving, crochet, and Joomchi, Korean paper art. Their vibrancy and modern sensibility will make an amazing addition to any commercial space or private home.


    Recent exhibitions.


    UIW Department Of Art. Textiles fiber art show. San Antonio TX.


    Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County’s Material World: A Contemporary Fiber Art Exhibition. Fayettevill, NC


    All Media. Irvine Art Center. Irvine, CA

    Bower Center for Arts. Bedford, VA


    “Looking Back/Moving Forward”. Women Group Exhibition. Fullerton Museum of Art.


    “Works of Excellence”. Group Exhibition. Studio Door Art Gallery. San Diego


    “Energy and Matter”. Group Exhibition. East Village Art Collective. New York.”


    “Femina 2023”. International Art Show.


    Gallerium art gallery. Toronto. Canada


    “Uncommon Threads”. International Art Exposition at San Fernandino Valley Art Center. Los Angeles



    Wearable Art- a Catalyst for Conversation. The Mackenthaler Cultural Center


    International Wearable Art Show. Denver. Co.


    Art Residency. Claudon, France


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